Does it cost something to participate in the program?

Yes. We ask for an initial co-investment specifically for the training of $500 from any potential arts or congregational participant. This amount is matched 1:1 by Partners through fundraising for this program.

How much work and time commitment does it take to participate?

The amount of work varies depending on the nature of the organizations involved. At the outset, there is some information gathering, along with interviews, site visits, and other orientation and “discovery” processes. This can take up to 10 hours (non-consecutive). There are also two required training sessions, each of which takes a full day (8:30 – 4:30). Beyond that, the time and effort depends on the nature of the potential partnership.

Do I have to be a nonprofit arts organization to participate?

No, you can be a for-profit creative enterprise, an individual artist (or collective). Sacred places do not have to have their own nonprofit corporation to participate either.

Does Partners for Sacred Places offer grants or other financial support?

No, at present Partners does not offer financial assistance. One goal for the program’s Phase 2 development, though, is to raise money for a small re-granting program that might assist with rental subsidies for arts organizations/artists to use sacred places, partnership start-up costs, and small capital investment costs for space improvements and equipment.

Who needs to be involved from my organization or faith community?

For artists/arts organization, we strongly recommend: the lead artist; executive or artistic director; members of your board or governing body

For congregations we strongly recommend: clerical and lay leadership, as well as trustee members

Everyone should be involved from the beginning, since partnership requires a high degree of buy-in from your major stakeholders.

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For more information about the Making Homes for the Arts in Sacred Places program, please contact Karen DiLossi at (215) 567-3234, x 16, or via email at