One-Day New Dollars/New Partners

The traditional structure of the New Dollars/New Partners training is based on cohorts of 8-12 congregations featuring teams of four—a faith leader and three lay leaders. Over the course of six months, these teams participate in four full-day modules addressing a spectrum of their needs and opportunities. These cohort trainings are normally at least partially sponsored by denominational offices and historic preservation organizations. In addition to the sponsorships, each congregation is required to pay a fee, to help contribute to the training.

In recent years, in response to demand from congregations, Partners has created a one-day model of the training, in which consolidated versions of each module are presented, based on the specific challenges of the congregation. The congregation is invited, and encouraged, to bring an unlimited number of participants to the training. Partners staff will craft an agenda customized to the congregation, based on its short- and long-term goals. After agreeing upon a date, the training will be designed to include segments from each of the four modules.

As graduates of the training, your congregation will have indefinite access to our online Public Value Tool, and to Partners staff, a valuable resource for assistance and referrals for building restoration, programs, and fundraising services.

For more about one-day New Dollars/New Partners training, please contact Alison Cornish at (215) 567-3234, or via email at