Who We Are

Partners for Sacred Places brings together a national network of expert professionals who understand the value of a congregation’s architectural assets, its worth as a faith community, and the significance of its service to the community at large.

Through our training programs, information clearinghouse, and professional network, we have helped congregations in all 50 states. Stories of success unfolding in cities, towns, and rural areas inform Partners’ knowledge bank. Each story fuels our capacity to help congregations, and we are expanding our national reach by strategically growing our training projects and regional offices.

Partners is the only national advocate for the sound stewardship and active community use of America’s older religious properties. Informed by its research, Partners is building a shared sense of responsibility for the future of sacred places.


Partners was founded in 1989 by a national task force of religious, historic preservation and philanthropic leaders. Since then, Partners has served several thousand congregations and other local organizations and represents the needs and concerns of over 100,000 older, community-serving sacred places in every town and city across America. You can read more about Partners’ history in our 20th Anniversary booklet.


  • New Dollars/New Partners for Your Sacred Place
    New Dollars/New Partners for Your Sacred Place
    is an intensive training program that gives congregations with older buildings the skills and resources to broaden their base of support.
  • Arts in Sacred Places training
    The Making Homes for the Arts in Sacred Places program partners arts organizations and sacred places in mutually beneficial ways.
  • Regional Offices
    Partners offers training programs and technical assistance through its Philadelphia, Chicago, and Texas Offices.
  • Workshops and Conferences
    Partners’ staff speaks on a variety of topics at national and regional conferences throughout the country.
  • Publications
    Some of Partners’ books include:

    • Your Sacred Place Is a Community Asset: A Tool Kit to Attract New Resources and Partners
    • The Complete Guide to Capital Campaigns for Historic Churches and Synagogues
  • Information Center
    This web-based resource provides information related to the care and use of older sacred places.
  • Advocacy Initiatives
    Partners works with civic leaders, funders, and policymakers, urging them to adopt policies and practices that provide new resources to older religious properties.